How to use command line options

When Simple DNS Plus is running, you can use the following command line (DOS prompt) options:

(Make sure you run these from the directory where Simple DNS Plus is installed)

SDNSPLUS -z  z:<zone-name> [f:<file-name>] [p:<primary-ip>] [g:<group-id>]

Loads, re-loads, and/or updates the status of a specific zone.

The f:file-name parameter is only required if this is a new zone. Specify the full path to the file, and make sure to use quotes if the path contains spaces ("f:C:\my dns data...")

The p:primary-ip parameter is only required if this is a secondary zone.

The g:group-id is optional and refers to the numerical zone group ID.

SDNSPLUS -u  <zone-name>

Unloads / removes a zone.


Removes all records from the cache.

Same as selecting "Clear Cache" from the main window / File menu.


Deprecated - available for backwards compatibility only and will eventually be removed. Use "NET STOP sdnsplus" instead.

Shutdown Simple DNS Plus.

SDNSPLUS -m <password>

Enables remote management and sets the remote management password (see Options / Remote Management section).

This can be used to gain remote access to Simple DNS Plus - for example on a Server Core machine - see

SDNSPLUS -b <to-file>

Makes a backup of the live SQLite database use by Simple DNS Plus.

Can be used in scripts and schedulers to automate backups.

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