What are the system requirements for Simple DNS Plus?

Operating system:
Any edition of:
- Windows XP (Service pack 3)
- Windows Server 2003 (Service pack 3)
- Windows Server 2003 R2
- Windows Vista
- Windows Server 2008
- Windows Server 2008 R2
- Windows 7
- Windows Server 2012
- Windows 8 (except "RT")
- Windows Server 2012 R2
- Windows 8.1 (except "RT")
- Windows 10
- Windows Server 2016
- Windows Server 2019
Both 32 bit and 64 bit Windows versions are fully supported.
"Windows Home Server" is also supported.
"Windows Server Core" is also supported - details.
"Windows Embedded 7" is also supported - details.
Software: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 SP2
(automatically downloaded and installed if missing)
Processor (CPU): 400 MHz or better.
Memory (RAM): 64 MB + Windows and .NET Framework requirements.
Hard disk space: 10 MB + Windows and .NET Framework requirements.
Network: Any type of TCP/IP (IPv4 or IPv6) connection.
Internet IP address: You need a static (*) Internet IP address only if you want to use Simple DNS Plus for hosting domain names on the Internet. A dynamic IP address can be used for a resolving and caching Internet domain names.

(*) By "static" we mean an IP address which does not change, or only very seldom changes.
It doesn't matter how the IP address is assigned to your computer/router (manually or dynamically).
Many "always-on" Internet connections such as cable and ADSL connections provide an Internet IP address which never actually change even if it is supposed be be "dynamic". Such an IP address can be considered "static" and works fine for hosting domain names.

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29 Sep 2018 21:02 UTC
Macaulay Krueger
I have used simple dns plus fir a long time, however i want to run dns on a linux os not windows ... are you going to make a linux version .... or will it run in wine? I have not figured wine out yet.
JH Software
11 Oct 2018 17:56 UTC
JH Software
Simple DNS Plus is currently only available for Windows.
I doubt that it will run under Wine - but this is not something that we have tested,
We are considering porting to Linux since the .NET Framework (on which Simple DNS Plus is based) is now also available on that platform, but we have no firm plans or timeframe for this.
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