Integration and scripting options


Simple DNS Plus can be prompted through HTTP to perform various actions - either with a browser or from any program/script which can communicate through HTTP.
It is also possible to manipulate DNS zone and record data this way, but this is much more complicated and requires a lot more code compared to using the API for .NET and COM (see above).
For details, see How to use HTTP commands in the Simple DNS Plus help file and this article.

Command line options

Simple DNS Plus can be prompted to perform various actions from the command line (DOS prompt).
You can reload/unload zone files and TSIG keys, and clear the DNS cache.
For details How to use command line options in the Simple DNS Plus help file.

Open plug-in architecture

We welcome users and 3rd parties to develop plug-ins for Simple DNS Plus.
Please see this article for details.

For more information, please see the following knowledge base articles:

KB Article Sending Simple DNS Plus HTTP Commands
KB Article Developing plug-ins for Simple DNS Plus
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