New in Simple DNS Plus v. 2.xx

Version 2.03

Selective binding.
You can now specify the exact server IP addresses to serve DNS requests on.
(Used to be limited to either one IP address or all IP addresses)
Offer recursion to multiple IP ranges.
This option is now a list of IP addresses / subnets, making it possible to specify exactly who should be offered recursion even if you have multiple or "class-less" subnets.
Block ranges of IP addresses.
You can now also block IP addresses (or prevent blocking) by subnet.
With the recent focus on "denial of service" (DOS) attacks, this becomes an increasingly important feature.
By specifying a maximum number of requests per second, any client exceeding this will automatically be added to the block list.
("IP address blocking" has moved to a separate function in the Tools menu).
Support for AAAA-records (IPv6).
The AAAA record type is the future replacement for A-records, and IPv6 the replacement for the current IP address system (a.k.a. IPv4). Few applications and network devices currently support IPv6, but this is expected to change rapidly.
More integration options.
Another option has been added for integration with custom applications.
Sample code is now also available. See help file for details.

Version 2.02

Run as Windows Service (NT System Service).
Run Simple DNS Plus on Windows NT / 2000 without being logged into the system.
New "Reverse Zone Wizard".
Forget "" and reversing IP address segments.
With the new wizard you simply specify your IP address range and Simple DNS Plus automatically generates all the necessary records.
It even supports "classless delegation" for those with less than 256 IP addresses.
Easy Zone and Record management.
The "Quick Domain Wizard" and "Zone Properties" dialogs can now automatically be pre-filled with your preferred defaults making it even easier to manage your DNS configuration.
Also, the "Record Properties" dialog for A-records now includes an "Update Reverse Zone" option, which automatically generates corresponding reverse records.
Enhanced DNS Look Up Tool - now with "WHOIS".
With the new "WHOIS" feature, you can check the details (such as name, address and phone) on the owners of a domain name or IP address.
The Look Up Tool comes configured with a list of worldwide WHOIS servers, so just like regular DNS look ups - just enter a domain name, and Simple DNS Plus locates the correct server and returns the answer.
The enhanced Look Up Tool also returns more details on standard DNS queries than in earlier versions.
Support for SRV-records.
SRV-records are used by Windows 2000 directory services, and other recent Internet applications.

Version 2.01

Support for wildcard records ( *.domain-name ).
If you are hosting many sub-domains on the same servers, this new feature can be a real time saver.
Integrate with other applications.
New options have been added to easily integrate Simple DNS Plus with other applications. See the help file for details.

Version 2.00

"Zone Transfers" and "Zone Update Notification" functions added.
Automatically update DNS records on secondary DNS servers.
Everything is completely automated - when changes are made in the new Record Editor, Simple DNS Plus immediately notifies secondary servers and a Zone Transfer is initiated.
Simple DNS Plus can also be configured as a secondary DNS server, and will then automatically check for updates on the primary server.
As everything else in Simple DNS Plus, Zone Transfers are implemented according to the DNS standards (RFCs), and so it is 100% compatible with other standard DNS servers.
Cache Snapshot Viewer added.
Browse the cache with this new intuitive explorer style tool.
New User Interface.
Simple DNS Plus is now even easier to navigate with Tool Bars, Status Bars, HTML Help and other new GUI features.
New Animated Tray Bar Icon.
See when Simple DNS Plus is processing requests, even when minimized.

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