(See also Using plug-ins in Simple DNS Plus / List of Simple DNS Plus plug-ins)

Fixed IP Address plug-in

This plug-in serves a fixed IP address (IPv4 and/or IPv6) to all DNS requests for host records (A/AAAA).
This can be used as a simple way to host DNS records.

WARNING: By default, this plug-in responds to ALL requests for A/AAAA records. It is therefore important to limit which DNS requests are processed using the settings in the "DNS Requests" tab.

On the "Plug-In Settings" tab, enter the IP address(es) and TTL value to respond with.
At least one of the IP addresses (IPv4 or IPv6) must be specified, but the other can be left blank:

See also Web-site domain filtering using the "Fixed IP Address" plug-in

Available for Simple DNS Plus versions:

  • v. 5.2-7.0
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