V. 6.0 Release Notes

This is a detailed list of updates and changes in individual Simple DNS Plus v. 6.0 builds.
For an overview of the major new features in v. 6.0 click here.

See also release notes for: version 5.3, version 7.0, version 8.0

Version 6.0 builds

Build 125 - April 19th 2018

  • Fixed: NS-records were included in authority section of authoritative (AA) responses, making response packets larger than needed.

Build 124 - April 8th 2018

  • Fixed: Crash when receiving HTTP API requests formatted a certain way
  • Fixed: Failed to auto-activate license on IPv6 Internet connected computer.
  • Updated: Updated various Internet links throughout UI.

Build 122 - December 26th 2017

  • Fixed: Crash when receiving certain response types (v. 6.0 build 121 only)

Build 121 - December 26th 2017

  • Updated: Installer signed with "code sign" certificate. To improve download / install experience.
  • Updated: Resolving domain names hosted on DNS servers that do not respond correctly to DNS0X20 (random letter casing query name), now works faster and in more scenarios.
  • Fixed: Raw log files might get corrupted in case of an abrupt power cut or similar (computer not shut down correctly).

Build 120 - December 5th 2017

  • Updated: About dialog now shows partial license key. To identify which license is used.
  • Updated: Updated help file. New styling. Open source (each page links to source on GitHub). Details.
  • Updated: SRV-record properties dialog - added suggested service "sipfederationtls" and protocol "tls" (typically used for Office 365 setup)
  • Fixed: HTTP API allowed adding ALIAS-records which conflict with existing records of other types and vice versa.
  • Fixed: HTTP API would lower case any record data in request query string. For example contents of TXT-records.
  • Fixed: Import wizard - "Set of zones listed in a DNS server boot/configuration file" - failed for secondary zones without a zone file.

Build 119 - March 21st 2017

  • Updated: Included DynDns plug-in now supports dyn.com update URL formats - for use with dyndns built into many NAT routers. Details.
  • Updated: "Custom" option in installer is back (was temporarily removed in build 118).
  • Fixed: Unknown HTTP API call caused program crash with .NET exception System.Net.ProtocolViolationException "Cannot send a content-body with this verb-type". HTTP API is now limited to POST/GET/HEAD calls.

Build 118 - December 30th 2016

  • Fixed: Installer issues on Windows Server 2016 / Windows 10.
  • Fixed: DNS Records / Export Wizard / IP addresses to "hosts" or ".csv" file - would crash program (record editor only) when using the ".csv" file format option and one or more AAAA-records were included.
  • Updated: Added "autodiscover" to SRV-record service drop-down options.
  • Updated: "Custom" option temporarily removed from installer (caused installer crash).

Build 116 - November 18th 2016

  • Fixed: Incorrect response to DS-record query when both delegating parent and child zones present on server.
  • Fixed: In some scenarios, re-using a zone SOA-serial number caused a database conflict and program crash.
  • Fixed: Extremely long log lines (+32767 characters) would in some situations cause program crash.
  • Fixed: Clicking "Scan forward zones" in "IP-to-Name Mappings" dialog caused program error (record editor only) if no forward zones exist.
  • Fixed: Default Zone Values dialog reverted to default values after service restart (for clean v. 6 installs only - not upgrades).
  • Removed: The "Tools" directory. The "SDNSFileLib" library (now "Raw Log library") and the "FilterRawLog" command line tool are now separate downloads / open source. Details.

Build 115 - September 4th 2016

  • Fixed: Default Zone Values dialog / SOA-record tab / "E-mail address..." value loaded incorrectly. First dot in domain (.) was replaced with an at-sign (@) so that the value would end up with two at-signs.
  • Fixed: Using HTTP API "zonestatus" command with an expired secondary zone caused program crash.

Build 114 - July 6th 2016

  • Fixed: Crash when using IP address blocking feature on systems with Italian (and possibly other) region settings.

Build 113 - June 16th 2016

  • Added: DNS Look Up - new WHOIS option: "Response encoding" (UTF-8/ASCII, Windows-1252)
  • Updated: Response to inverse queries now always "not implemented" to satisfy security scanners (might have been "format error" depending on query content).
  • Fixed: Import Wizard function to import from Boot file would not import any zones ("Failed to load zone file" error for all zones).
  • Fixed: The UI (sdnsgui.exe) crashed at startup with MissingMethodException on computers with early builds of .NET 2.0/3.0.
  • Fixed: The UI (sdnsgui.exe) sometimes crashed at startup with NullReferenceException on some systems.

Build 112 - May 29th 2016

  • Fixed: After receiving a DNS request matching a local ALIAS record which points to another local DNS record, subsequent attempts to edit/update the zone containing the pointed-to record might cause the service (sdnsmain.exe) to stall using up more and more memory.
  • Updated: Replaced information dialog "closing the main window does not shut down the service..." with a tray baloon popup.

Build 111 - May 27th 2016

  • Updated: The HTTP API "updatezone" command (and .NET API equivalent) now automatically increments the SOA serial number if the client has not done so (instead of returning error 406). This is for backwards compatibility to support WebSitePanel which apparently does zone updates in two steps (first other records, then SOA record).
  • Fixed: Clicking desktop icon for Simple DNS Plus (or running sdnsgui.exe) multiple times, would create several instances of GUI (build 110 only).

Build 110 - May 25th 2016

  • Fixed: Notify requests not sent to secondary servers after zone was updated through dynamic DNS update (via DNS protocol).
  • Fixed: Tray icon not loaded on Windows startup/login.

Build 109 - May 9th 2016

  • Fixed: Crash when HTTP API received POST request with no Content-Type header
  • Fixed: Crash when HTTP API received request and Windows Authentication option was enabled but authentication method set to anonymous.

Build 108 - May 4th 2016

  • Fixed: Crash when upgrading from old version (build 107 only)

Build 107 - May 3rd 2016

  • Fixed: Crash on some non-English systems when opening Zone Versions dialog or when restarting program while having one or more secondary zones.
  • Fixed: Import Wizard functions did not detect reverse zone status from standard reverse zone names.
  • Fixed: Program crash when receiving a rare and invalid combination of DNS response bytes.
  • Fixed: Record editor module crash when using Zone / Make Copy function.

Build 106 - May 2nd 2016

  • Added: HTTP API specification file in Swagger / OpenAPI format. Available via HTTP API as "/swagger.json". Details.
  • Added: Included a local copy of the Swagger UI for exploring and testing the HTTP API.
    This replaces the simple test forms that used to be listed on the HTTP API's default page. Details.
  • Updated: HTTP API commands "updatezone", "updateconfig", and "updatepluginconfig" now also accept POST requests with Content-Type "text/...". With such requests, the request body will be used as the "data" parameter, and all other parameters must be included in the query part of the URL.
  • Fixed: HTTP API "zonestatus" command did not return correct content-type header.
  • Fixed: Changes to a record's TTL value only in Record Editor module did not get recorded.

Build 105 - April 28th 2016

  • Added: HTTP API commands "zoneversions" (to list stored versions of a zone) and "getzoneversion" (to get the zone file text of a specific zone version)
  • Fixed: Remote connect dialog - crash if IPv6 address without square brackets was entered in Computer field.
  • Fixed: Remote connection not working for sdnsgui module (just exits)
  • Fixed: Clicking "Next" button on first page of Bulk Update Wizard dialog did not move to next page if there were no zone groups defined.

Build 104 - April 25th 2016

  • Updated: Now automatically detects changed IP address of Super Master server for secondary zone.
  • Fixed: Crash when creating new zone using the Quick Zone Wizard.
  • Fixed: Crash if updating a zone with duplicate records via HTTP API.
  • Fixed: Crash when receiving a DNSSEC enabled DNS requests for a non-existing name in a DNSSEC signed zone.
  • Fixed: DNS Records window crash if refreshing (F5 / View menu - Refresh) while deleted zone is selected.

Build 103 - April 21st 2016

  • Fixed: Super slave server crashing when zone added/removed on super master.

Build 102 - April 21st 2016

  • Added: New command line option to make backup of internal database (SQLite):
    sdnsplus -b <to-file>
  • Fixed: Command line options did not work
  • Fixed: Crash on second startup for new installations (no upgraded data/settings)

Build 101 - April 20th 2016

  • First release of version 6.0 Details.