Tools and add-ons


  • Additional Plug-ins
    Plug-ins not included with the standard installation. Details...
  • MsDnsExport tool - Export Boot file / Active Directory zones from a Microsoft DNS server
    This tool is especially useful if you have a large number of DNS zones stored in Active Directory and want to migrate these to Simple DNS Plus. All your active directory zones can be exported to standard zone files with a single click, after which everything can be imported in Simple DNS Plus using the Import Wizard.
    For details, please see the README file.
    The compiled .exe file can be downloaded from
    Source code is available at
  • DNS Blacklist Editor
    Freeware tool for editing IP based DNS blacklist files (DNSBL/RBL).
    Also compiles data files for the Simple DNS Plus DNS Blacklist plug-in.
    For more details click here.
    Click here to download "dnsbledit.exe" (74 KB)
    System requirements:
    - Windows 98 / 2000 or later
    - .NET Framework 2.0
  • Check DNSSEC Signatures tool
    Free tool which looks up and verifies the DNSSEC signature(s) for the specified record set using the public key found in the related DNSKEY-record(s).
    For more details see KB1272.
    Click here to download "" (269 KB)
  • Convert Simple DNS Plus logs to W3C Extended log format
    Use Simple DNS Plus raw request log files (.sdraw) with tools, such as log web-site traffic analyzers, that understand the standard W3C Extended format (as typically produced by IIS, Apache, and other web-servers).
    The command line syntax is:
    sdraw-w3c.exe <log-date> <raw-log-file> <w3c-log-file>
    Raw request log files are enabled in the Simple DNS Plus Options dialog / Logging / Log Files section.
    The zip file below contains both the compiled .exe file as well as the C# source code (VS2008). This is a very simple program so if you want to add some type of filtering (only output some requests) or build on this functionality, it is easy to do so.
    Click here to download "" (35 KB)
    System requirements:
    - Windows 98/2000 or later
    - .NET Framework 2.0
  • DNS Client Library for .NET
    A freeware component that can be used to perform simple as well as advanced DNS lookups from any .NET code (.NET v. 2.0 or later) against any standard based DNS server.
    For more details click here.
    Click here to download "" (269 KB)
  • Simple DNS Plus API for .NET and COM
    This is a code library which greatly simplifies and streamlines programming with DNS data.
    It makes it possible to deal with DNS data as simple objects and eliminates the need to work with and understand the intricacies of DNS master files (a.k.a. zone files).
    This can be used from any .NET or COM application or web-site including ASP.NET, classic ASP, PHP, VB.NET, C#, Delpi, VBScript, JScript, etc.
    It can even be used on a separate computer (controlling Simple DNS Plus remotely).
    For more details, see the included help file, also available on-line.
    Click here to download "sdnsapi-setup.exe" (720 KB)
    System requirements:
    - Simple DNS Plus v. 4.00.06 or later (not necessarily on the same computer)
    - Windows 98/2000 or later
    - .NET Framework 2.0 (automatically installed if missing)
    NOTE: The COM version of this API only works 32 bit Windows. The .NET version works on both 32 and 64 bit Windows.
  • Sample dynamic DNS service web-server code (ASP.NET and Classic ASP)
    Run your own dynamic DNS service with Simple DNS Plus.
    For more details see KB1193.
    Click here to download "" (2 KB)

On-line Tools

  • Remote DNS Look Up
    On-line tool to test your DNS server remotely.
    Click here to begin
  • Trace DNS Delegation
    On-line tool to test your domain name delegation.
    Click here to begin
  • IDN / Punycode Conversion
    On-line tool to convert international domains names to punycode.
    Click here to begin
  • Private IPv6 address range generator
    On-line tool to generate your own unique private IPv6 address range.
    Click here to begin
  • DynSite plug-in file generator
    On-line tool to generate DynSite plug-in configuration files compatible with the Simple DNS Plus DynDNS Service plug-in.
    Click here to begin

Related JH Software products

    Secondary DNS service for backup and redundancy (based on Simple DNS Plus of course)
  • Simple Failover
    Use this software to automatically update your DNS records to point to a backup web-server in case the primary web-server fails.

3rd party tools

  • Hosting Control Panels
    The following hosting control panel packages support the latest version of Simple DNS Plus:
    Web Site Panel
    Hosting Controller
  • CYBERsitter Lists
    Want a simple and effective way to protect your entire network from objectionable and malicious web-site content? Now you can. Easily and inexpensively with the CYBERsitter plug-in for Simple DNS Plus. You can choose any combination of a number of different list categories (adult, malicious, chat, etc.), and automatically prevent users on your local network from accessing listed web-sites.
    For more information and to download a free trial visit
    For technical details see KB1255
  • Dynamic Update Tester
    A great Windows tool for testing a DNS server's dynamic DNS update configuration - including TSIG signed updates.
    A free on-line tool to check that your domain registration and your DNS server is setup and working correctly.

If you have created a tool, utility, add-on, etc. which is useful with Simple DNS Plus
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